Premium dual QuickCharge cable. 5 connector option, 5 dynamic lengths, 18 AWG wire gauge & braided with Kevlar.

Simply the best MFi Certified cable ever!


Python Universal, Dual Interface Cable is the last cable you would ever need


    • Elegant

    • Durable

    • Reliable

    • Versatile

    • Functional

    • Tangle-free



Size Matters!

Available in 3 meters, the longest Apple MFi certified cable ever. The Python Cable is also available in 2 meters, 1.2 meters, and for extra convenience, a 20-centimeter length to keep your desk and worktop neat and uncluttered, plus a 10cm that neatly fits unnoticed in your pocket and the ideal companion to your power bank. Other cable options include a USB-C connector and all cables are available in single or dual connector cables.

Apple MFi Certified LightningTM

USB Charge & Sync Cable

Stop wasting your money on weak flimsy and gimmicky uncertified cables that don’t last. Meet the Python Charging Cable, the world’s first dual charging cable with Tough Kevlar Reinforced Braided PVC Skin for superior strength and a lifetime warranty.

Python Cables MSRP

3 Meters $53-$59 each depending on interface/connector

2 Meters $50-$56 each depending on interface/connector

1.2 Meters $42-$49 each depending on interface/connector

20 Centimeters $26-$34 each depending on interface/connector

10 Centimeters $26-$33 each depending on interface/connector

Summary of Features


Kevlar Reinforced Braided 3M PVC Skin for superior strength.

Lifetime Warranty

If your Python Cable ever breaks, we'll replace it or refund it.


Cables come in various lengths: 3.0m, 2.0m, 1.2m, 20cm & 10cm. 3 meters is the longest certified Apple MFi cable ever.

Short 'N' Tidy

The 20cm & 10cm Python cables are the perfect length to easyily fit unnoticed in your pocket or bag, and a great companion to your power bank.


It is made to carry 250 kilograms, strong enough to tow a car.


Python is available in 4 colours to match your phone. Black, Space Grey, Silver and Gold.

Universal Cable

One cable for iPhone, Android and most external devices using MicroUSB. Python is also available in USB-C & with single and dual connector.

Fits in Any Case

The Python cable is specifically designed to fit any phone and tablet case.

Cable Speed

Python offers high speed data and charge transmission speed unmatched by any other cable.

Charging Speed

Python cables use 18AWG wire instead of the typical 30AWG used by others to charge your battery at unprecedented speed.


Dual connectors in a single cable that is MFi & QuickCharge certified and charges Android phones & other devices for total convenience.

Tangle Free

Tangle Free Technology. Never have to deal with annoying tangled cables again.

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